Quality hydraulic pumps


The Pentax mission is to offer high quality solutions for every need and market with the addition of the passion and excellence of the brand made in Italy .

Each product is tested twice in its own facilities to ensure the best quality .

Experience, Research and Development, passion and dynamism make Pentax a history of success and seriousness serving the customer in over 120 countries worldwide.

The best solutions in the industrial and domestic sector, all over the world

The quality is certified

Pentax bases its policy on continuous improvement of all processes: production, Organization, distribution. A commitment attested by the introduction of a Certified Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001.

The product for every need

With Pentax you can search the ideal solution by elaborating the request based on type of use, product or family of product.

Expertise in all areas

The Pentax pumps and electric pumps efficiently cover all application sectors: domestic, residential, irrigation and industrial.


Utmost attention to the markets and to the customer

Pentax is committed to respond, in real time, to the specific needs of different markets, paying particular attention to technological progress.
Always keeping in mind the customer satisfaction policy.